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What type of music to you want in the video?
Hip Hop
Classic Country
Modern Country
How much talking do you want in the video?
1 ( Music Only )
2 ( Mostly Music But Some Talking )
3 ( 50/50 Mix )
4 ( Lots of Talking )
5 ( Talking Only )
Video Orientation
Landscape (Horizontal)
Portrait (Vertical)
You agree to allow the Host Extraordinaires to use the submitted photos or videos to their social media pages.

Video Tips for the Guests

  • Capture Key Moments: Ensure to film important moments like toasts, group activities, and special events.

  • Use B-Roll Footage: Record additional scenes of the location, decorations, and candid moments to enhance the storytelling.

  • Consider Orientation: Be mindful of the chosen orientation (landscape or portrait) for consistency throughout your video.

  • Talk to the Camera: Don't hesitate to speak directly to the camera to add personal commentary and narrative.

  • Shoot Multiple Perspectives: Film from different angles and distances to create a dynamic and engaging video.

  • Use Cinematic Mode: If available, use the cinematic mode on your iPhone to add depth and professional quality to your footage.

  • Steady Your Shots: Keep your camera steady by using both hands or a tripod to avoid shaky footage.

  • Maximize Natural Light: Film during the golden hours or in well-lit environments to achieve the best lighting.

  • Capture Interactions: Include footage of people interacting, smiling, and enjoying themselves to make the video more engaging.

  • Minimize Background Noise: Choose quieter locations for filming or use an external microphone to ensure clear audio.

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