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Hotel or Vacation Rental?

Over the past few years, the rise of rental home services like Airbnb has changed the way we vacation. Many people have utilized the services and enjoyed them, as they offer benefits that many hotels lack. However, some travelers have reservations, no pun intended. They may have trepidation or fear the unknown and what they have never experienced. What are some of the benefits and drawbacks to hotels? To vacation rental homes?

Hotels: Tried and...True?

Hotels have offered their services to the general public for hundreds of years, if not more. Guesthouses, inns, and motels all offer their services in exchange for a fee. And many people feel most comfortable in them: the convenience, simplicity, and experience often allow people to focus on the location they visit. Hotels have friendly staff, convenient amenities, and great locations that offer you the best of the area you are visiting. However, hotels have their downsides.

  • They can be crowded, noisy, and otherwise unpleasant to the senses.

  • The staff, frazzled as they are with all they are faced with, become snippy and unhelpful when faced with a barrage of problems from too many visitors.

  • Many hotels suffer from cleanliness problems, and visitors leave negative reviews on everything from poor management to bedbugs, and worse.

  • The prices can be outrageous: the average three-star hotel in Nashville costs $255 a night, a price many may view as inflated.

People are becoming dissatisfied with the less-than-stellar experience that many hotels offer, and they are looking for a better alternative. That's where vacation rental homes step in.

Vacation Rental Homes: A Better Way To Stay

With the rise of rental homes for vacationers have come magnates such as Airbnb. These services offer a wide variety of vacation rental homes for any budget and in almost any location. Instead of renting a room in a hotel, or a suite if you could afford it, you can get more for your money.

  • Visitors can rent entire apartments, cottages, and even homes for great costs.

  • They offer privacy, amenities such as yards and pools, WiFi, full kitchens, and other benefits that many hotels do not provide.

  • Instead of dealing with hotel staff and noisy neighbors, visitors can relax peacefully in a safe and calm area that is all their own. This allows visitors to fully experience the city or town they are visiting and explore more of the area's hidden gems.

  • Vacation rentals in Nashville and places like it are always available, and they have grown a following for good reason. The owners are friendly and reliable, and upkeep is always cared for because they value the traveler and want them to enjoy their stay.

  • There are Nashville Airbnb's with prices as low as $50 a night, putting them far below the cost of a common three-star hotel and far above hotel standards.

While hotels may be comfortable and familiar, there are definite upsides to vacation rentals and what they offer. The future is here, and vacation rental homes are an exciting way to travel and experience the world while experiencing the comfort of home.


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