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Local Legends & Lanes: An Offbeat Nashville Weekend Itinerary

Welcome to a side of Nashville you've never seen before! If you're ready to dodge the typical tourist itinerary and dive headfirst into the city's quirky underbelly, you're in the right place. This weekend, we're going to bowl in vintage alleys, scour eccentric markets, and soak in the history at a beloved local cinema. When the sun sets, we'll whisper the night away in speakeasy-style bars brimming with stories. Let's uncover the hidden fun and oddities of Nashville together!

Friday Night: Bowl & Boogie at Pinewood Social

  • Pinewood Social (Website) - How to Get There

  • Your offbeat Nashville weekend begins at Pinewood Social, a multipurpose hangout where you can bowl on vintage lanes, sip craft cocktails, and dine from an innovative menu. It's a local favorite for a reason, blending retro charm with a modern twist. Reserve a lane ahead of time and enjoy the lively atmosphere!

Saturday Morning: Market Marvels at Nashville Flea Market

  • Nashville Flea Market (Website) - How to Get There Rise and shine early to catch the best finds at the Nashville Flea Market. Held at The Fairgrounds, it's a treasure trove of antiques, handcrafted goods, and peculiar finds. Whether you're in the market for vintage vinyl or handmade jewelry, you're sure to find something unique. Plus, mingling with the locals is half the fun!

Saturday Afternoon: A Cinematic Step Back in Time

  • Belcourt Theatre (Website) - How to Get There After lunch, take a leisurely stroll to the historic Belcourt Theatre. This 1920s cinema is a cultural institution, showcasing independent, foreign, and classic films. Catch a matinee here and relish in the nostalgia of one of the city's most cherished landmarks.

Saturday Evening: Whispers and Libations at The Patterson House

  • The Patterson House (Website) - How to Get There

  • As evening creeps in, it's time to dress up and head to The Patterson House, a speakeasy-style bar known for its intimate atmosphere and meticulously crafted cocktails. The dim lighting and 1920s décor set the perfect scene for an evening of whispers and wonder. Don't forget to try their bacon-infused Old Fashioned!

Sunday Morning: Brunch at The Café at Thistle Farms

  • The Café at Thistle Farms (Website) - How to Get There Start your Sunday with a heartwarming and delicious brunch at The Café at Thistle Farms. This lovely eatery supports a powerful mission, providing a community space for women survivors. Enjoy their homemade pastries and fresh coffee, knowing that your meal is helping to make a difference.

Sunday Afternoon: Stroll Through Cheekwood Estate & Gardens

  • Cheekwood Estate & Gardens (Website) - How to Get There Wrap up your offbeat Nashville weekend with a visit to Cheekwood Estate & Gardens. Explore the art galleries housed within the mansion, then wander through the stunning botanical gardens. It's a peaceful retreat from the city buzz and a beautiful spot to reflect on your adventures.

Your offbeat Nashville weekend may be drawing to a close, but the memories of bowling strikes, market haggling, cinematic journeys, and speakeasy whispers will linger long after you've left. Nashville's quirky side has shown you a different rhythm to the city – one that's just as captivating as its famous tunes. Don't let the music stop here; book your next stay with us and continue exploring the hidden gems and offbeat adventures that await in Nashville. Until next time, keep your spirit for adventure alive and see you soon in Music City!

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