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Top 5 Food Trucks in Nashville

Due to booming growth combined with city-wide hustle and bustle, Nashville locals are always on the run and need to grab grub on the go. The demand for quick food that isn't just burgers and chicken nuggets led to the rise of food trucks that serve both classic, fast treats and new choices that used to only be found at a brink and mortar restaurants. These are the Top 5 food trucks that are crafting an all new dining experience in Nashville!


For a map of current and future Nashville food truck locations, just click the button below!

5. S’more Love Bakery

Campfire cravings are no longer only meant to be enjoyed in the summer heat out in the wilderness! S’more Love Bakery brings the nostalgic, childish wonder of roasting marshmallows across Nashville in a vintage inspired trailer.


4. Grilled Cheesery

With brick and mortar stores and a food truck, The Grilled Cheesery is a Nashville favorite and a staple of any Music City event in need of catering. The sandwiches come in both a classic style and with a little more pizzazz if just cheese isn’t doing it for you.


3. 615 Waffles

Is it breakfast or dessert? The world may never know, but I do know that I don’t mind either way and that it is a delicious pick any time of day. Get everything sweet and savory including simple maple syrup or CBD infused waffles for a nice chill. If you want to make it healthy, maybe bananas on Nutella drizzle balances out?


2. Dough Box

A 3,000 pound wood-fired oven in a is this even possible? First, everything is possible through the power of pizza. Second, go to The Dough Box to see it in action! Their selection goes beyond pizza when catering—charcuterie boards, freshly chopped salads, and caprese pins could also be on your table.


1. Nectar Urban Cantina

Nectar uses fresh ingredients to make the perfect taco, burrito, or bowl whether you are on the go in Nashville or sitting at their live music patio beer in hand. Traditionally, burritos are not thought of as an "on the run" food choice, but Nectar turns that all around! No spill, no mess, all beautiful burrito.

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