Families are Choosing Vacation Rentals

A vacation in Nashville can be fun, educational and a wonderful bonding experience for families. When not visiting the Country Music Hall of Fame or the Adventure Science Center, families want someplace comfortable where they can relax. More and more, they're choosing vacation rentals in Nashville over hotels to meet their families' travel needs.


One of the greatest downfalls of a hotel room is its lack of space for a family. After a day of sightseeing the family comes back to the room and one person takes the easy chair, another the desk chair, and everyone else has to sit on a bed. In a rental you can find ample seating in the living room and kitchen. Moreover, all this space often comes at a significant cost savings over the cramped hotel room.


If the kids are little, they may be trying to sleep at 9:00 while parents are watching the television or reading under bright lights. If they're teens, adults may be the ones trying to sleep while the kids' phones glow in the dark or they laugh at their friend's Instagram post. With a rental, families can opt for separate bedrooms for kids and adults, so everyone has a good night's sleep.

Home Cooked Meals

Eating at new and different restaurants is one of the joys of travel, but having every single meal out

can be too much. Also, paying for a breakfast buffet at the hotel restaurant when the kids just want a bowl of cereal is a waste. When choosing a rental, travelers can find one with a full kitchen and fix meals themselves.

Slice of Life

Staying at a vacation rental or Airbnb lets visitors experience Nashville like a local. Rather than sticking to the tourist areas, they can shop at the corner market, have a coffee at the cafe down the block and dine at a neighborhood eatery.

With benefits like increased space, privacy and more, often at a lower price, it's easy to see why more and more families are choosing vacation rentals in Nashville over hotels.

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