Turn Your Short-Term Rental into a Smart Rental with Alexa Echo

Have you ever wished you could add a concierge to your short term rental? With Alexa Echo, now you can. By easily creating a guest account for the Alexa device at your rental property you can now make your life and the lives of your guests easier.

Personalized Experience

Imagine your guests entering your apartment or house and being instantly greeted by their name. If there is a special occasion that you are privy too such as an anniversary or a birthday, you can specify the greeting to include the event. In conjunction with a smart thermostat and smart light fixtures you can give your guests the ability to adjust the temperature and ambiance just by speaking.


With an Alexa Echo you can give your guests access to On Demand home entertainment. Your guests will have access to all the music Spotify, Pandora, and other services offer. If they what something to watch, Alexa, in conjunction with popular apps such as Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime, can fill any video entertainment void. You can also give them the option of using their own personal accounts, so that they can watch what's next on their personal Netflix list or queue up their personal playlist from Spotify.

Directions and Recommendations

Let Alexa be your guests' concierge—all they have to do is ask. Where's the best coffee? What's the closest bar? Where's the best place to see live music? How do I get where I need to go, or even

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better, order me an Uber. Alexa will provide your guests with easy and friendly information on local events, entertainment and food.

Order Food

With Alexa your guests can easily research the best place to get pizza and then place their order. But why stop at Pizza. With services such as Grubhub, DoorDash, BiteSquad, and UberEats the delivery possibilities are endless. Who needs room service from the hotel restaurant when you can get room service from practically anywhere in Nashville? And what if your guests want to utilize the kitchen? They can just as easily use Alexa to have groceries delivered or scheduled for pickup at the closest supermarket.

With just a bit of technology you can give your already luxurious short-term rental the added amenity all guests desire when on vacation--ease.

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