How Airbnb Helps Savvy Travelers Live Like Locals

No one really wants to be a tourist. Okay, so maybe there are a few folks out there who can't stand to part with their fanny packs and table-sized folding maps, but they probably aren't reading this.

More and more, travelers want to experience a destination, not just visit it. They want to make a memory more than they want to just "see the sights." Airbnb hosts are perfectly suited to lead you on that journey.

Hosts are local experts

From the hippest night clubs to the hipsterest coffee shops, Airbnb hosts know what makes their city come to life. They can give you advice about where to eat, which areas to avoid during rush hour, and which bars have the rowdiest trivia nights. (Whether you choose to indulge or steer clear is up to you.)

When it comes to local knowledge, the best information comes from people who drive the roads or walk the streets day in and day out.

Airbnbs provide access

Often, hotels tend to congregate in certain parts of a city. But that doesn't mean it's the area you're most interested in. With so many Airbnb hosts opening their doors, it's likely you can find the perfect location to tour the city on your terms.

This allows you to step away from the pre-packaged tourist experience and explore parts of your destination that you might not see otherwise.

Personality abounds with Airbnbs

We won't call them snowflakes, but we can safely say that Airbnbs have character. Each one displays the personality of the host, from the decor to the furniture and appliances. You get to experience the style of the city as well.

Just as important, visitors get to place their own priorities first. If you know you'll spend all of your time out making memories and just want a place to lay your head, you can find a single bedroom Airbnb (or even a shared room in some cases). On the other hand, if you want to take an entire family on the road and ensure that everyone has their own room, with plenty of space to relax, you can rent an entire house.

An Airbnb can feel like home

Typically, it is someone's home. And there really is no other way to truly see a town from their perspective. With an Airbnb, you aren't just getting a room. You're putting yourself in someone else's shoes for a few days. (Some hosts might even let you literally borrow their shoes if you ask.) For more information on how Airbnb can improve your experience as a host or a visitor, contact The Lease Killers.

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